We are Aixsponza (Eks-sponza)
Since 2006 our team of designers and technology geeks is producing animations for big and small budgets. We tell stories, give you visual pleasure and ease the most complex processes off to graspable animations. We create new worlds, build design guides, love typography and compose the music that fits your new visual way of life.
We love motion graphics, 3D animation, visual effects & graphic design.

The Studio
Our studio is located in the very center of Munich’s vibrant creative and leisure neighbourhood Schwabing. Resisting the urge to go out and party with the crowd, we enjoy our roomy and open office space. Quiet meeting areas, busy working spaces, fancy leather couches, a cozy kitchen and two balconies with green (sometimes also greyish-brown) plants … we’ve got it all.

Not only do we take on finished boards from ad agencies acting as a full spectrum CGI studio but we also bring our own ideas to marketability. Letting the creative juices flow we tell stories, give you visual pleasure, create new worlds, build designguides, give birth to cute and scary characters, love typography and compose the music that fits your new visual way of life.
Here’s some layouts, moods and pitches we developed.

Fendt 1000 Vario – German Meisterwerk

For the release of Fendt’s top of the line product „1000 Vario“ we created a multitude of media to let the tractor shine at its best. There’s a product film (where we also did Direction of the life action footage and organized the shoots), 3d print renderings which give you a glimpse on the inner workings of the 1000 Vario, images for online visualizers and educational animations used on Fendts webpage, for training seminars and at tradeshow exhibitions.

Client: AGCO GmbH, Fendt
Aixsponza: Leonhard Akinbiyi, Holger Aumüller, Julian Fischer, Sermin Kaynak, Tobias Hoffmann, Sven Mai, Elisabeth Schlichtner, Christian Tyroller, Benno Verschueren, Matthias Zabiegly

Red Bull – Transforming Formula One

We’re back on track with racing. Heck Yeah!
We created another animation for Red Bull Racing. Introducing Vettels new colleague Daniel Ricciardo we take a closer look at the inner workings of the race car. Animating our way through all the rule changes of the 2014 season the whole thing is converted from last years RB9 to the state of the art RB10 racing car.

Client: Red Bull Media House
Production Company & Agency: Peter Clausen Film & TV Produktions GmbH
Director & Producer: Peter Clausen
Line Producer: Cecilia Trück
Voice-Over: Sebastian Vettel & Daniel Ricciardo VFX Director / Editing: Christian Tyroller
VFX Supervisor / CD: Manuel Casasola Merkle
Head of 3D Production: Matthias Zabiegly
3D Artists: Leonhard Akinbiyi, Elisabeth Schlichtner, Jens Kindler, Michael Haupt, Jörg Vogel, Sven Mai, Holger Aumüller, Christian Freisleder, Lars Korb, Stefan Voigt, Holger Biebrach, Simon Fiedler, Patrick Hecht
Junior 3D Artist: Thilo Seifert
Animators: Philipp Strasser, Christian Scheck, Christian Lachenschmidt
FX: Fuat Yüksel
Supervisor Car Asset: Holger Aumüller
Shading Artist: Raphael Rau
CAD & Modeling: Christian Förg, Maruan Attia, Markus Sick
Rigging: Jörg Vogel
Tracking: Johannes Weiss
Rotoscope: Manuel Voss
Compositing: Alexander Gabrysch, Tobias Müller
Producer Animation Studio: Julian Fischer Production Assistant: Jessica Lorenz
DP: Philipp Geigel
1st Asst Camera: Hendrik Jansen
2nd Asst Camera: Stefan Betz
Key Grip: Clemens Bachmann
Grip Asst: Chrissi Heinrich
Gaffer: Jürgen Thiele
Electricians: Christian Weber, Christof v. Barany
Special Constructions: Henrik Scheib
Make-Up Artist: Sabine Gludovacz
Stand-In Rehearsals: Adrian Lobo
Sound Recording, Design & Mixes: Heiko Müller
Music Composer: Andrej Melita
Dubbing Voice Daniel: Beni Weber


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