Award Winning Ars Thanea on the CGIc 2017
Ars Thanea is an award-winning CGI Studio that uses craft excellence to forge bonds with customers and propel businesses. Founded in 2007, a home to over 70 people who make work that matters and breathe excellence. The company is a part of SYZYGY Group (WPP) and specializes in production, CGI and animation. Ars Thanea received numerous international and domestic awards including Cannes Lions, Effie, One Show, AdFest, PromaxBDA, DMMA On-line Star, World Luxury Festival to name a few. The company was also listed on at TOP 10 Talent list created by Adweek. Ars Thanea won second place in the Professionals Awards category of the International CGI Award 2016

We are known for challenging the way stories are told. Our work often blends mixtures of ideas and craft wrapped around extremely engaging stories that deliver results. We are the stewards of a new way of thinking. A diverse team of creatives, thinkers and makers who share an obsession with consumer understanding, the power of ideas and its craft.

We are small enough to be nimble and big enough to deliver complex projects. We maintain an independent spirit while enjoying the scale of working within a network. We’re responsive, smart, feisty and promote a culture of accountability. But what’s more important, we listen and work hard to discover the soul of a brand, because authenticity is more inspirational than anything we can create out of thin air.

Our culture is unique, built on a foundation of excellence, innovation and fearlessness, on the belief that a balance between work and life is necessary for a happy, healthy and motivated environment. We care for, respect and invest in each other and our community while trusting in hard work and honesty.

We are a proud family member of SYZYGY Group, an international digital marketing agency group with 550 employees and offices in Bad Homburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, London, New York and Warsaw. Please contact us for further info.

We never go after awards for the glory, but we are flattered to have been awarded a large quantity of the most sought after industry awards, as testament to our work.