HDR Light Studio: A simple, intuitive, photographic approach to lighting 3D

Computer Generated Imagery and Photography
Computer generated 3D imagery is both replacing and enhancing photography. In the automotive industry, leading car photographers are using 3D software to totally replace photography for studio shots or to blend photographed real world locations with computer generated content.

Photographers and CGI
Experienced professional photographers are able to create superior quality imagery when using 3D software due to their experience with cameras, lenses, composition and lighting. The gold standard for a computer generated imagery is always photography. The goal is to create imagery that is utterly convincing and photographic. This is especially important when the imagery is used to advertise and market high value products.
In fact, computer generated imagery needs to compete with retouched/enhanced photographs which are highly polished and sometimes hyper-real. Computer generated images are excellent at this hyper-real feel, with computers able to create very clean and perfect imagery, without dust and scratches.

It’s still All About Lighting
Unlike CG Artists, Photographers do not need to build the object being photographed.  Their skill is in choosing the composition of the shot by positioning the camera, selecting the lensing and finally lighting the shot – bringing the subject to life. This is most creative, demanding and time consuming part of the photography process, and critical to the success of the final image. An excellent photographer has to be a master of lighting.

Lighting in Generalist 3D Software
All 3D software applications are very complex and built in a very open and modular way, allowing virtually anything you can imagine to be created and visualized with enough time and effort – they are generalist. Therefore the process of lighting a shot can be time consuming and technical – building one light at a time by hand, and positioning them using trial and error. Out of the box, 3D software does not provide a place for a photographer to express their lighting vision with ease or creativity, nor does it include realistic light sources – default lights look fake and lack the real world details that can be seen in reflections.

HDR Light Studio – A Dedicated Lighting Tool & Favourite with Photographers
HDR Light Studio is a software application used by professional CG artists to light their shots. It works in tandem with all leading 3D software/renderers, and injects realistic lighting into the scene in real-time.

HDR Light Studio is a firm favourite with photographers. Its intuitive and easy to use interface feels like home, with all the lighting tools required at your fingertips. HDR Light Studio puts fun, creativity and spontaneity back into the lighting process. It includes a huge library of real world light sources, to bring total realism to computer generated imagery.

HDR Light Studio is used to:
Create complex and high quality studio lighting setups
Edit and enhance HDRI environment maps shot on location
Create convincing lighting for CG content placed in background images

Many of the production houses exhibiting at CGIc this year are already HDR Light Studio customers, for example: Ars Thanea, Saddington Baynes, Recom Group and Wurzel Medien.

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