R|A|P stands for exceptional style and a unique curatorial eye. It stands for luxury and class, the highest production values, and a sensitivity to an eclectic selection of subject matter and material. It stands for rare, unpublished and unusual work including subjects with mass appeal and limited editions with unlimited potential. The company has made headlines around the world with its previous releases, which include: Disco: The Bill Bernstein Photographs, The 2001 File, Brigid Berlin Polaroids, Unseen McQueen, Billy Name: The Silver Age and The Rat Pack.

R|A|P was founded in 2010. It has remained true to its founding principles, which are to attract A-list projects and to bring to their publication uncompromisingly high standards at every stage of production. Its remarkable development has been achieved with a small in-house team, who share a commitment to quality and creativity, passion and professionalism.

Wahrhaft gestalterische Fähigkeit in Bezug auf die gegenwärtige und zukünftige Computervisualisierung (CGI) gründet sich stets auf einem tiefen Verständnis der Bildgebung der Vergangenheit. Wir freuen uns auf herausragende Inhalte und Inspiration von R|A|P auf dem CGIc 2017.

Matthias Langner