There are multiple solutions on the market for creating geometry, setting up your 3D scene and rendering your final image. However, there is a big gap when it comes to creating 3D materials.
The virtualization of a physical material sample is a difficult and time-consuming task. The common solution so far was to use a flatbed scanner or consumer camera, tools like Photoshop and Crazybump. In addition to that, expertise in 3D visualization and lots of time and patience was required.

Founded in 2013 by Martin Semsch and Reinhard Meier, Vizoo offers a new way to easily create 3D materials. The xTex Scanner captures material samples fast and accurately, while the xTex software provides useful tools for texture processing. With a capture and calculation time of only two minutes, textures based on physical material information and up to 2000 dpi are now available almost instantly. The tool focuses on clearness and effectiveness, so even unexperienced users can create stunning materials.
Martin Semsch will show the new approach in detail.

Tired of Photoshop and Crazybump?
You can now profit from the unbeaten xTex workflow even if you do not own our scanner. Use images from the internet, from a flatbed scanner or a digital camera and create seamless materials faster than ever before.
xTex creates all maps automatically
Select the textures to create and load your image into xTex. Et voila!
Best in class tiling algorithms
Use our great tools to create seamless textures. You have the choice between Stitching and Synthesis algorithms to achieve the best possible result for any use case.
Adjustable normal maps
Finetune your normal maps and preview the effect directly in 3D!
Transparency detection
No more tedious manual selection of transparent parts. Define the transparent color and let xTex create an accurate Alpha map based on pixel color.
Internal 3D realtime viewport
Preview your textures and materials inside xTex. You can choose between different geometries and surroundings or even load your own.
Well connected
xTex textures are universal and suitable for basically every 3D software.
For many programs we have even built a direct connection to transfer material data with the push of a button.
Connected with Photoshop
You will hardly ever need it – but xTex integrates well with Photoshop.
Brilliant textures, easily.
The unbeatable combination: The xTex scanner captures material samples with unreached accuracy and speed. And the software automatically creates textures from the data and provides the most useful tools for texture processing.