WACOM: We dream of a world alive with creativity
We love what creativity brings to the world. It makes us human, adding a richness to our lives, bringing ideas, imagination and beauty. We dream of a world alive with creativity, where people are free to explore and express new ideas.

We inspire and equip people to make the world a more creative place.
Creativity has always been at the heart of human development. It has shaped our thinking and inspired our imaginations. We are proud of the role we have played in applying digital technologies to creativity. We are part of a generation that is creating powerful new tools of connectivity and expression that influence every aspect of the human experience.

Open up. Sense more.
‚Open up. Sense more.‘ is the attitude that drives and inspires us to do new things. To imagine. To explore. To make. To push ourselves forward, individually and together. We are ‚for a creative world‘ and this underpins everything we do. It encourages us to be ambitious and innovative for our customers.

Supporting creative pros with the most innovative digital tools
We serve the passion of creative professionals around the world. Our products and services help industry leaders explore new horizon and set new standards in film and 3D animation, in industry design, digital art, game development and a broad range of human communication and expression. Wacom is committed to provide the world’s most creative talents with most advanced digital tools for expression and productivity and to support the next generation of creative experts.

Enabling the 3D workflow
As the design process moves to 3D, many creatives prefer to use the pen for its natural control and comfort in working with popular 3D applications. You’ll gain the ability to combine 2D and 3D. Model what is easy to model, while you draw what’s easy to draw, such as complex curves and geometry, painting in patterns, texture, material, part breaks, and colors.

When it comes time to present the final product in architecture or apparel designs, nothing beats the creative power of Wacom products to add all of the details–like environments, architectural landscapes, people, and lifestyle imagery–to win your clients over and make your designs a success.

Wacom professional products and your talent are the foundations upon which award-winning design & 3d visualization is built.